“Clean Air for Brain Health”

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A non-governmental organisation in association with the World Health Organization
11th July 2018
To: Member Societies and Delegates
The World Brain Day 2018 is going to be celebrated on July 22.
This years’ topic “Clean Air for Brain Health” should create awareness all over the world.
We would appreciate if you can help us sharing this important topic in your network.
We would like to facilitate your efforts by providing you with all relevant information and promotional material which you can translate and adapt according to your needs and distribute throughout your communication channels. Please download the promotional material below:
World Brain Day Poster
World Brain Day Web Banner
World Brain Day Flyer / Presentation
In addition to the promotion collateral, we would like to highlight the template press release for this years’ World Brain Day, which you may find useful when preparing your local/national press releases. 
Please feel free to use/translate the template press release in parts or as a whole. You will find the template here.
Don’t miss to visit the World Brain Day webpage on the WFN website to watch videos by Prof. Mohammed Wasay, Professor Carroll and Professor Wijeratne, talking about the importance of the World Brain Day!
In addition, may we encourage you to share the news provided via the following social media channels, by using #worldbrainday:
WFN Website:                 www.wfneurology.org
WFN on Facebook:         www.facebook.com/wfneurology
WFN on Twitter:              @wfneurology
Prof. William Carroll 
First Vice President 
Prof. Ryuji Kaji 
Secretary General
Prof. Wolfgang Grisold 
Prof. Richard Stark 
Elected Trustees
Prof. Steven L. Lewis
Dr Riadh Gouider
Prof. Morris Freedman 
Co-opted Trustee
Prof. Jean-Marc Léger