World Brain Day 2017

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Dear Sir or Madame,

 Every year 22 nd July is celebrated as “World Brain Day” across the globe. Purpose of world brain day activities is to increase public awareness and advocacy related to brain disorders by promoting brain health awareness.

More than 100 national societies (members of WFN) organize public awareness and media activities on this day. In 2015, world brain day (theme; epilepsy) was celebrated in collaboration with ILAE (International league against epilepsy), IBE (international Bureau of epilepsy) and WHO (World Health Organization).The Theme for 2016 World Brain day campaign was “Brain health in aging population”. It was again an extremely successful event with global media release and hundreds of activities organized by national societies.

The theme for 2017 World Brain day campaign is “Stroke is a brain attack- prevent it and treat it”. This 2017 WBD campaign is jointly organized by WFN and World Stroke Organization (WSO).

We want your support and active participation in World Brain Day 2017 activities.

Please plan your activities accordingly. Following are suggestions for
member societies

    1. Arrange press conference, media briefing sessions etc. involving local media
   2. Seminars, conferences, public awareness sessions
   3. Presentations at local schools, colleges, universities
   4. Poster, essay, drawing competitions
   5. Collaborate with other organizations (especially local stroke societies and rehabilitation societies.)
   6. Newspaper, magazines articles

Public awareness and action committee is working on a logo, brochure, poster, banners designing with key messages. We will send you these materials as soon as they are ready for distribution. As previous years we will send you press releases in English, French, Spanish and some other languages. Please translate these releases into your own local language for media use.

 The society with most effective awareness and advocacy campaign will be acknowledged at WCN 2017.

Dr. Raad Shakir Dr. Wolfgang Grisold
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